The Importance of Power Cord Safety

The socket, together with the power cord, provides power to the electrical appliances. It has various shapes, and different brands of electrical appliances have different types of power cords. In the market, its types are not uniform, and the types of sockets in many countries have their own characteristics, such as national standard (Australian standard), American standard, British standard, German standard, Italian standard, Western European standard (Swiss standard), South African standard, etc. . Power cords and sockets are seldom completely compatible. If you buy foreign products, you usually need to replace the power cord plug.

In general, power cords are generally divided into two-pin plugs and triangular plugs, and the shapes of the plugs are cylindrical and flat. Specifically, there are two round plugs, two flat plugs, triangular plugs, eight-character plugs, and three-phase plugs. The two-round plug power cord belongs to the European standard and has a wider scope of application. What I want to explain here is that even if it is the European standard, it does not mean that all European countries and regions can use it. The two-prong power cord is suitable for the Americas; the three-prong power cord is suitable for the UK and Hong Kong; the eight-prong power cord is suitable for Australia, and the three-phase power cord is only suitable for Brazil.

If you want to improve the safety of the plug, you must pay attention to the plug’s logo, rating, size, power cord, mechanical strength, heat resistance and flame resistance of the material, structure, and whether there is protection against electric shock. Improper plug and quality problems are an important factor leading to electrical fires. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to whether the product is applicable and safe when purchasing a power cord plug.

Among them, the size of the power cord plug is the most important. If it is unqualified, it will lead to poor contact or wrong insertion, which will affect the user’s use, damage the equipment, and even cause electric shock and fire accidents. The rating is an important parameter, which determines the power of the electrical appliance used by the plug. Other factors determine the quality of the plug. Users should choose regular products when purchasing, and also check whether the plug has anti-shock protection. When using, do not use too much force, pay attention to whether the plug is in good contact with the socket, whether it is loose, and use it correctly.

Post time: Nov-28-2022