Why does the power cord have chemical corrosion?

1.Damage caused by external force

The most frequent reason for failure is an injury from external force. Right now, electrical lines have typically been installed across the city. The power cord will be harmed once a sizable external force happens. The failure of the electrical line is frequently brought on by outside influences in accidents. Civil construction is now taking undertaken in several locations. If the power line buried at the construction site is not taken into account, the machine will harm it while it is being built. When the excavator is digging up soil, the power will be cut off if it is not used properly. The failure of the power cord is also a result of poor installation operation.

2.Damage caused by the environment

With the destruction of the environment, various chemical components in the air will corrode the power cord to varying degrees. Acid rain is one such corrosive factor. Over time, power cords can fail in various ways due to corrosion.

3.Damage caused by overuse

If someone is working for a prolonged period of time, they will get tired, and the power cable is no different. The power cord will begin to heat up over extended periods of time. Heating will hasten the power cord’s aging process and potentially cause the insulation to degrade. Summertime is an especially bad time for wire failures. In addition to being overworked, summer’s often warm temperatures are not ideal for the power cord’s long-term performance.

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Post time: Nov-10-2022